sábado, 5 de diciembre de 2015

Describing a person

Her name is Nayara and she is 18 years old. She is from Casasimarro, a town near to Cuenca. She has blond curly hair and she is tall and fit. She is a very nice person and she seems very friendly. Some of her hobbies are listening to pop music and reading books about mistery. Also she loves animals and she has a dog called Daga.

miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2015

People and internet.

Nowadays, using new technologies is not strange. You can find people using it everywhere and at any time. Who most use new technologies, like mobiles, cameras or laptops, is young people, but it is true that there are more and more people who use them. And it is because new technologies are used not just for leisure, like social networks or for recording videos, but even for business and studies too.
On the one hand, internet is very useful, but on the other hand it can be very addictive and more even for young people, who spend their time on Facebook stalking, Twitter and other social networks. To my mind it distracts teenagers from engaging in the real world, and can make them distract from their studies or their works and even from living their own life. Therefore, if you are young and you are reading this, do not forget that you have a live outside your mobile phone and that doing real things will be more useful for you and for your future.

domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2015

Introduction and conclusion.

I. Ecological movements are a radical way to raise awareness about the risk that it means for the world like pollution and global warming.

IV. Concluding, pollution and global warming are destroying the world we know and it is afecting our health and animals' health to. In addition, it is destroying the enviornment and for these reasons we have to protect the beautuful nature the world bring us every day, and that we seem to be determinaded to destroy.

jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2015


  • Ecological movements
 I. Ecological movements are a radical way to raise awareness about the risk that it means for the world like pollution and global warming.

II. Pollution

     a) People's health
     b) Acid rain

III. Global warming

      a) Climate change
           1) Endangered animals
      b) Not enough trees

My own style

   Personally, I like dressing very simply and with a casual look day by day, because the most important thing for me is to feel comfortable. However, when I dress up I have a range of styles, some more hippies, others more elegant, more preppy or more vintage. And I think that this is because I don’t like to look always the same, I like to change my appearance and wear all the looks that I like.  And obviously, I change my looks depending on the places I go or the people I will meet. Finally, in my opinion, nowadays people need to look trendy or cool to feel good inside. I know that looking good makes me feel good, and this happens to other people too. That it’s because we all always try to show through our clothes how we are inside, that is to say our personality.

miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2015

Visiting unspoilt parts of the world.

       To visit a tropical place would be a fulfilled dream for me. I would like to visit the unspoilt parts of the Tropics like the jungles. It would be fantastic to see that beautiful and breathtaking scenes and to meet the people who live there and their lifestyle. I think that this type of experience can really change your vision of the world, your own lifestyle and your way of thinking. I love the nature and I appreciate it very much and the type of nature that we find in the tropical jungles is so different of the one that we found in Spain or in Europe. So I would like to get there and feel like in another world.

       In spite of the fact that I would love to go there, there are some drawbacks. First, if you want to go to any tropical place you have to get vaccines and to have a health insurance. After that, the journey can be very tiring, although you can have in-fight entertainment and you can ask for a window seat to see the spectacular views. And finally, all the travel has to be carefully controlled, because of the dangers which exist in these places like the poisonous animals, the disease-carrying insects or the stormy weather.

miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2015

Contrast paragraph

  • Rock music vs classical music
   Rock and Roll an classical music are very different. The fisrt is a modern type of music, whereas classical musica is an older one. Rock is more dinamic than classical music, which is calmer. While rock and roll is often played by music groups, classical music can be played by soloists or by orchestras. Both can use the same type of instruments but with differences at the same time.

viernes, 9 de octubre de 2015

Opinion Paragraph.

  • Contemporary Art as a true Art.

 The art made nowadays is a very polemical theme, because it is not considered like true art by many people. Art is always a very subjective issue and this is the fact which make it such a polemical theme. In my opinion, arte is a mean of expression and there are a lot of type of likes. So, because of the fact that it is subjective and it depends on what each person likes, from my point of view, art can't be considered wrong or right. Because art express ideas, feelings, opinions, and a lot more things which can't be judge because they are part of what we name liberty. Concluding, I think that art is always right depending on how do we look at the artwork. 

martes, 6 de octubre de 2015

The Giant's Causewey.

The Giant's causeway is located in Northen Ireland and it is a famous place. It offers a beautiful and natural physical feature, so the views are spectacular. It is forme by hexagonal colums which are a lava formation. These views make you feel like in another world. I have never been there, but I would like to visit this atypical place also because it is a symbol in the UK.

lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2015

Poem: Fear of...

Fear of loneliness.
Fear of losing.
Fear of dying after you.
Fear of giving up.
Fear of being fear.
Fear of being in love, although you are not here anymore.
Fear of crying.
Fear of not crying when I must.
Fear of looking be someone who I am not.
Fear of getting angry.
Fear of not getting angry when I must.
Fear of not learning enough.
Fear of being marginalized.
Fear of not being loved.
Fear of not having love.